Matched Betting Tips. The Secret to long term success.

To get the most out of matched betting there’s a few things you need to know.
Yes, anybody can make money, but follow these matched betting tips to make sure the money keeps rolling in.

Matched betting’s popularity has increased year on year. People have woken up to the profitable system, and in turn the bookmakers have seen there profits take a hit.

If an online casino or bookmaker realises you are matched betting, that could be the end of the gravy train, bringing in additional money every month.

The matched betting tips shared on this page should not be ignored. We would be THOUSANDS of pounds richer if the same information was shared with us when we started matched betting.

The more existing customer offers you receive, the larger your profits. It’s that simple.
Follow the actionable advise below, and make sure that your matched betting cash flow continues for years to come.

Matched Betting Tip 1: Don’t get your account Gubbed

Put yourself in the bookmakers shoes for a moment. If you owned a business and had customers that only turned up for the free stuff, you would soon want to put a stop to that.

Take the supermarket industry as an example. They offer free samples dotted around the shop. They don’t do this out of the goodness of their heart. The strategy behind this promotional campaign, is that you will enjoy your free samples and then proceed to spend your money in store.

Imagine you were to visit every day, walk around and consume the free samples and then leave without purchasing a thing. Depending on the size of the supermarket, you could do this for a few days, perhaps even a few weeks, but there will come a point when the manager will notify the staff to stop providing free samples to you. And could you really blame them? They are well within their rights to do so, and its business savvy to do so.
If everybody came to your shop, took your free samples and then left, you would soon be out of business.

However if we buy a drink or a sandwich on our visit, this keeps management happy and we can continue to consume our free samples.

The same concept is true with online bookmakers. Instead of free samples, they offer free bets as an incentive for you to visit.

Matched Betting Welcome offers

For continuous cash flow we want to receive these free bets for as long as we can.
But, if we only turn up for the free stuff they will quickly put a stop to that.

Its worth noting that online bookmakers are much more observant than your regular supermarket. There’s very smart people employed, trying to put a stop to customers taking advantage of the generous promotions that they provide.

As clever as they are, after reading the points below you’ll know how to outsmart them.

Ask yourself the question:
What type of customer does the bookie want, and how can we make them think we’re worthy of the free bets and promotions?

We need to blend in and look like the average customer that loses money. Obviously we don’t actually want to lose money, we just want the bookies to think that we are.

1. Mug Betting

The importance of mug betting, if you want to take up matched betting full time, should not be underestimated.

Mug betting is the act of betting on regular events, to blend in and look like a regular customer. HOWEVER, matched betting is not gambling and we don’t need to rely on luck or chance.

By laying these bets on the exchange we cover ourselves no matter the outcome. It’s important to place consistent bets on sporting events that don’t offer promotions and free bets.

It’s the equivalent of grabbing a meal deal after grabbing the free samples at the supermarket. Only this time we resell the meal deal to a friend.

Many matched betters ignore this step, myself included when I first started.

Many of my most profitable accounts were excluded from promotions because I didn’t take the time to look after my accounts.

I couldn’t be bothered to spend the time looking for the best mug bets. This mistake has cost me thousands in potential earnings.
Fortunately now, with matched betting software like Oddsmonkey, finding and placing the best mug bet takes less than 5 minutes.

Top Tip:
Bet on popular sporting events, just like you would if you were actually betting. Betting on the Japanese second league will just raise even more red flags and put your account under even more scrutiny.

2. Avoid bringing attention to your account.

Avoid bringing attention to your account when matched betting

You might notice a theme here, but all we want to do is blend in with the rest of the people gambling and losing money. The more attention we bring to our account, the more likely it is the bookies will figure out we aren’t like the rest of them.

If you walked into the supermarket, went straight to customer service and asked “Where’s the free samples?” there’s a high chance management would have eyes on you straight away.

Doing the same with your online bookmaker has the same effect. Chasing up free bets and bonuses on live chat can bring unwanted attention to your account. Notes are made on your account and will raise red flags if you’re continuously asking about free bets.

If possible, try to avoid unnecessary communications with customer service. The best way to avoid customer service is by understanding the terms and conditions of each promotional offer. Boring right! It’s not as bad as it sounds, by law the bookmakers need to highlight the top terms clearly.

Top Tip:
There are 2 main terms you need to be sure of before placing a qualifying bet for a promotion.
Minimum stake and Minimum Odds.
If there are any further requirements this should be obvious or else the bookies could find themselves in a lot of trouble.
If you’re not comfortable checking the terms yourself, Oddsmonkey have 100’s of guides on completing offers, they are really good at highlighting every important requirement for each offer so there’s no reason to contact customer support asking for your bonus.

3. Give the bookies their money back.

Now this sounds counter intuitive right? You’re here to make money, not keep the bookmakers in business. But here us out.

This tip follows on from the mug betting strategy. If possible, take it to the next level.
The bookies want customers placing bets with them, but even better than that, they want customers losing money with them.

If your bankroll allows you to do so, try your best to avoid withdrawing funds from the bookmakers.

Instead, place more mug bets in an attempt to transfer the funds into your betting exchange account.
Of course if you could pick losing bets every time, then you could give up matched betting and make a fortune on the exchange.

The concept behind this is that we want bookies to like our custom. If we keep losing money they will keep giving us free bets as incentives to continue playing.

Should you keep hitting winners, then don’t worry about it, that will undoubtedly happen on one of your accounts. If you need to withdraw your cash then do so. But if circumstances allow, consider placing a mug bet with the chance of topping up your betting exchange balance before withdrawing from the bookies.

Top Tip:
Try mug betting on horses with long odds. There’s a high probability the bookmaker bet will lose and the money will be transferred into your exchange account. If the long shot comes in, feel free to withdraw your money (Just as any regular customer would)

Will this be enough to avoid my account being gubbed?

Thats something that unfortunately we can’t guarantee.

The strategies mentioned above will help the longevity of your account and therefore increase your revenue in the long term.

Implementing these 3 actions will increase your chances to blend in with regular customers.
However, as bookmakers get smarter, there is no guarantee you will reap the benefits of the bookmakers promotions forever.

On the bright side there are more online casinos and bookmakers than ever, as disappointing as it can be to be gubbed on a profitable account, there will be plenty more options for you.

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