Start Matched Betting – 5 Steps to success

Start Making Money With Matched Betting

You can start matched betting with a minimal budget (£50) and see visible returns immediately. Not to mention the fact that basic strategy guarantees you a profit, every single time.

If you’re interested in earning a secondary income, for relatively minimal effort then Matched Betting could be exactly what you have been looking for.

Matched Betting is by far the quickest and easiest way we know to make consistent money from the comfort of our own home. That’s because it really does tick all the boxes.

Reasons to start matched betting

To help you start matched betting, consult the checklist below, to ensure you get off on the right foot and maximise profits.

In addition to the checklist of resources, for you to make continuous money, you will need to be:

  1. Organised
  2. Disciplined
  3. Have an average understanding of basic maths.

However, don’t worry too much If your un-organised and struggle with maths, we’ll introduce you to some great resources that make matched betting as easy as can be.

Matched Betting Starter Checklist:

Get started Matched Betting Checklist.

1. Create a New email account.
We actually want bookmakers to constantly email us with promotions and special offers. Signing up to bookmaker accounts with our regular email address will ruin your inbox for all other important emails. You will likely receive over 100 emails a week from the numerous bookmakers we plan to sign up for. It’s much easier if they all go to a designated account so that we can separate personal and matched betting emails.
Top tip:
Don’t create an email address like “ “ this will raise a red flag at the bookmakers. Remember that you just want to blend in to keep receiving all the free bets.

2. Open a new bank account (Optional).
This one isn’t a necessity, but it will be really beneficial in the long run. Having money in multiple bookmaker accounts can quickly get confusing. With a completely separate bank account, you can quickly understand where your deposits have gone and where your money is likely to be.
It’s also a great way to verify the amount of money you are making each month when you withdraw your winnings. Similar to creating a new email account, we want to separate personal and matched betting transactions.
Top Tip:
Some banks offer bonuses if you open up a new account with them. Another opportunity to make some extra money from sign up bonuses!

3. Open an account with a betting exchange.
Betting Exchanges are what make Matched Betting possible. By using betting exchanges we essentially become our own bookmaker. This is where we lay our bets, making our qualifying bets risk-free and extracting profit from our free bets.
Top Tip:
Picking the right betting exchange has a massive impact on your monthly profits. The amount of commission that they charge, over time, has a huge impact on your bottom line. Our personal recommendation would be Smarkets.

4. Get your documents ready.
UK gambling companies must abide by strict rules and regulations set by the UK gambling commission. In order to combat underage gambling and money laundering, bookmakers often have to verify customer accounts by whats called Know Your Customer (KYC). This will require you to send a photo of your ID and proof of address. It may be an annoying request, but it keeps the industry safe and secure for all parties.
Top Tip:
Save a picture of your passport or driving license and a utility bill somewhere safe. Now each time you sign up to new bookmakers the verification of your account will be quick and effortless.

5. Make the most of purpose-built software.
When we first started matched betting it was a time-consuming process. Sometimes spending hours a day looking for daily offers, and then searching high and low for the best selection to make money on. Now all of that can be done in less than 5 minutes. Software like makes matched betting as quick, easy, and profitable as possible.
Training guides, updated daily offers as well as the ability to find the best selections with a click of a button, really makes the software worth its weight in gold.
Top tip:
Start matched betting today by using the link below to try Oddsmonkey 1 week free trial.


The speed in which you can start earning is quite remarkable. Once completing the above checklist you can make you can make your first £20 with in half an hour.

Monthly Profit Matched Betting

There is a substantial amount of money to be made with matched betting. You should put the above steps into place to ensure you’re making a steady stream of income each and every month.

Once you’re set up and the money comes rolling in, you might be thinking about quitting your job and concentrate on matched betting. Before you do that check out the article here on matched betting full time.

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