The Fun Casino Promise

We only recommend products that we think are highly valuable and have used personally. When making money with online casinos and bookmakers, time is just as valuable as money.

The below products will save you a tremendous amount of time and help increase your profits.

We have partnered with our favourite products to make sure you receive the best deals when signing up.

Matched Betting Software

Matched Betting Software can save you an incredible amount of time, whilst highlighting extremely profitable promotions that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Oddsmonkey is the best on the market. You can try them for free by using the link below

Betting Exchange

Without them, Matched Betting would not be possible. Choosing the right exchange can have a huge impact on your monthly profits. For that reason we highly recommend Smarkets. It’s easy to use, has a great customer support team and most importantly the commission rate is one of the best in the industry. At just 2% (Betfair charge 5%) if you don’t have already have a Smarkets account then you’re missing out.

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