Roulette Betting Systems

Do roulette betting systems work?

If you’ve stood at the roulette table for more than 5 minutes, you’ve likely wondered if there is a betting system that would increase your winnings.

Having been a roulette dealer and working in the casino industry for years, we have heard countless systems and new betting strategies for roulette.

There is 1 particular system that theoretically is guaranteed to win, but you’ll see below how the casino’s have put a stop to it.

You have probably seen 100’s of secret roulette systems for sale and youtubers claiming to have beaten the system.
This article puts the magnifying glass on these so called guaranteed winning roulette systems.

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Here are the 3 most popular roulette betting systems:

Ploppy 3-2 roulette betting system

The Ploppy 3-2 Roulette system really caught our attention when we were first introduced to it.
It highlights what looks like an exploitable opportunity on the roulette layout.

Ploppy 3-2 Roulette betting system

Looking at the roulette layout, pay particularly close attention to the top column (3-36).
There are only 4 black numbers in this column.
Consider there are the same amount of black numbers as there are red numbers on the layout, it becomes clear that its un evenly balanced.

With the Ploppy 3-2 roulette system we try to use this uneven balance to our advantage.


The system consists of a 3 unit bet on black combined with a 2 unit bet on the top column.

The thought process being, that by betting on the top column you cover 8 red numbers in addition to covering all of the black numbers.
Giving you a higher probability of winning.

The fact is, you do have a higher chance of winning than losing:
26 out of 37 numbers will make this betting system profitable.
Sounds like a smart bet, right?

Read on to look a little deeper into the possible scenarios.


Total Bet = 5 units (3 units on black + 2 units on the top column)

Ploppy 3-2 outcomes

The table above shows the following:

Black number and top column
Return 12 units = + 7 units
Probability = 10.8% (4 out of 37 numbers)

Black number only
Return 6 units = + 1 unit
Probability = 37.8% (14 out of 37 numbers)

Top column only
Return 6 units = + 1 unit
Probability = 21.6% (8 out of 37 numbers)

Neither black or top column
Return 0 = – 5 units.
Probability = 29.7% (11 out of 37 numbers)

Probability of + 7 units = 10.8%
Probability of + 1 unit = 21.6 + 37.8 = 59.4%
Probability of – 5 units = 29.7%

Rounded up:
+ 7 units = 11%
+ 1 unit = 59%
– 5 units = 30%

If we were to place this bet 100 times here is what we could expect to see:

11 x 7 units = + 77
59 x 1 unit = + 59
30 x -5 units = – 150

59 + 77 – 150 = – 14 units over 100 games.

Considering the house edge on roulette is 2.7% losing 14 units after 500 units wagered is exactly what we would expect to see.

With the Ploppy 3-2 method, for each individual spin you are likely to make at least some profit 70% of the time.
However when you do lose, it takes a big hit to your chip stack.


This roulette betting system is no better or worse than just picking your favourite lucky numbers.

If you’re lucky enough to avoid the big loses at the start, consider changing strategy, before the inevitable losing spin eats your profits.

Romanosky roulette betting system

This betting system follows similar logic to the Ploppy 3-2 system, but with even more caution or risk, depending on which way you look at it.


The theory behind the Romanosky roulette betting system is to give you a very high probability of hitting a winning number, whilst covering the layout with the minimum amount of chips. 

There are a few different combinations of the Romanosky system, but they all follow the same idea.

Place 3 units each on two of the dozens and 1 unit on two corner bets in the other dozen.
See the image below:

Ramonosky roulette betting system

With 8 units we have covered 32 of the 37 numbers.
This gives us a massive 86.5% chance of winning.
This must be a winning system, right?

Let’s look deeper at the possible outcomes:

Total Bet = 8 units

Ramonosky outcomes

Winning Dozen
Return 9 units = + 1 unit
Probability = 64.9% (24 out of 37 numbers)

Winning Corner
Return 9 units = + 1 unit
Probability = 21.6% (8 out of 37 numbers)

No Winning Dozen and No Winning Corner
Return 0 Units = – 8 units
Probability = 13.5% (5 out of 37 numbers)

+ 1 unit = 86.5%
– 8 units = 13.5%

If we were to place this bet 100 times here is what we can expect to see

86.5 x 1 unit = + 86.5
13.5 x – 8 units = – 108

86.5 – 108 = – 21.5 over 100 games.

Considering the house edge on roulette is 2.7% losing 21.5 units after 800 units wagered is exactly what we would expect to see.


This roulette betting system is no better or worse than betting on your dogs birthday.

Each individual spin you are likely to make a profit more than 86% of the time.
You should make a profit more often than not.

However, when you do get unlucky, the large loss will really hurt. Perhaps the occasional Romanosky bet isn’t a bad idea for a quick small win.

But when your luck is out and the ball lands in 1 of the 5 losing numbers, you’re likely to feel sick.

Martingale betting system (Aka the Moron method)

This is the most popular roulette betting system, and there is a good reason for it.

Theoretically this method can guarantee you a profit.
The problem is the casinos know this and so have implemented a small, yet hugely effective regulation.

Martingale roulette betting system

What is the martingale roulette betting system and how can it “theoretically” work?

To use the martingale system, we simply play the even chance bets, and double our bet every time we lose.


The thought process is, that eventually our even chance bet will win, and our bet will cover previous losses plus some profit.


We bet 1 unit on black to begin with, if we lose we then double our bet on black again until we eventually win.
There are 3 red numbers in a row and on the 4th round we hit a black number:

Round 1: Bet and lose 1 unit
Round 2: Bet and lose 2 units
Round 3: Bet and Lose 4 units

A total loss of 7 units (1+2+4)

Round 4 we double our previous bet and stake 8 units.
Finally, a black number lands and we win 8 units.

Our 7 units lost previously have been recouped and then some. Leaving us with 1 unit of profit.

We could lose 10 rounds in a row, but if we followed the martingale system, when we do hit a winner we are back in the profit.

Before you head down to your local casino or log in to your online roulette account you need to know that the casino understands the martingale system has the potential to lose them a fortune.

Minimum and maximum bets on the roulette table stop this roulette system from being the power house that it could have been.

When it comes to outside chances a typical casino will have something along these lines:
Minimum bet: £5
Maximum bet: £500

Now, if we were to lose 7 bets in a row, there is no chance for us to bet the amount needed to ensure we are in profit

Losing 7 even chance bets in a row would be unlucky.
It’s unlikely but by no means impossible.

The martingale roulette betting system is fine to make a quick profit.
But play this system for too long and you will get stung.

Don’t get greedy, avoid a run of bad luck and this roulette system could return some small profits.

Casino staff call this betting system the “Moron method” a humorous play on words, as you put “more on” each time you lose.
Also because they’ve seen a moron losing £100’s chasing their £5 profit.


When it comes to profitable roulette betting systems. Long term they don’t exist.
You might increase your chances of winning on each individual spin, however the odds are still in the casino’s favour.

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There’s no such thing as a good roullete strategy, but Blackjack strategy can certainly improve your profitability.

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