Make Money with Blackjack. How you can beat the house

To make money playing Blackjack, you first need to know why the majority of people lose.
Learn these mistakes and stop making them yourself, you’ll do better than 99% of all Blackjack players.

However, just removing mistakes isn’t enough to make money playing blackjack.

Counting cards is one option, but its difficult, time consuming and Casino’s are getting smarter every day.

Learning to profit from casino offers and bonuses is by far the easiest, quickest and most profitable way we know to make money on the blackjack tables.

So what should we be doing, that other players aren’t?

Why most players don’t make money with Blackjack.

 There’s a famous saying that you’ve probably heard:

            The house always wins.


In general, this statement is true and there’s a good reason for it:
Players don’t know what they’re doing. 

 BlackJack is designed to be fun, exciting and best of all simplistic. This means that anybody (age restrictions apply) can enjoy the game.

 With the majority of people making uneducated decisions, it’s very easy for the CASINO to make money with Blackjack.

Before I share with you an open casino secret, here are some common reasons why most players lose:

1. No Understanding of the casino advantage

Keep reading, we’ll share this with you shortly.

2. Players only consider the cards in their hand.

Probably the most common mistake new players make. Believe me, the Casinos love this one.

3. They don’t make the most of opportunities available to them.

You might be surprised to hear, but there are many opportunities available to significantly increase your profits.
Many players are oblivious to them or even worse, execute them incorrectly.

Let me share with you the answer to the ultimate question:

How does the casino make money with Black Jack?

True to Blackjacks simplicity, this can be summarised in just one sentence:

The player acts first, and the dealer acts last.

That’s right, this one seemingly insignificant fact is the reason why Blackjack generates casinos millions and millions in revenue.

Think about it for a second.
How many times does the dealer do absolutely nothing before collecting your money.

If we go bust, we lose. The dealer does nothing but take our chips from the table. They haven’t beaten us, they’ve won by default.
We broke the golden rule by going over 21 and are now disqualified from that hand, as punishment they take our chips.

Now you are equipped with this essential piece of information, we can look to turn this casino advantage on its head.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Blackjack table on the planet that will let you act after the dealer.
If you know of one, please drop me an email, this would be a money printing machine.

Despite still having to act first, we can significantly decrease the casinos advantage by adjusting our BlackJack strategy.

The casinos advantage is due to the fact that we play our cards first. By acting first there are occasions when we will lose our money before the dealer has had to take any action at all.

Logically, if we reduce the number of times that we go bust then we reduce the casinos advantage.

Let’s look at how we can do that in the second reason players lose money.

Consider other cards on the Blackjack table.

Don’t worry, we are not expecting you to count cards.
We are adding just one additional card to consider, for your chances of making money at blackjack to drastically increase.

Let’s remind ourselves again the casinos advantage;
“The player acts first and the dealer acts last”.
The significance of this knowledge is not to be taken lightly.

You must consider the dealers face card.

Before you make any decision regarding the cards in your own hand, you must take a look at the dealers card.
There are multiple reasons for this.
The main reason is so that you don’t put yourself at risk of going bust unnecessarily.

When is it unnecessary to risk going bust?

By understanding what the dealer is likely to have, we can use the dealer’s golden rule to our advantage.

The Dealer must stand on 17 or more and hit on 16 or less.

If the dealer is showing a 2,3,4 or 5 then it is mathematically impossible for them to have 17 or more. We know that if we stay in the hand, they will have to take at least one more card.

This means that the dealer is at risk of going bust and the advantage sits with us.

By refusing to act first, we take away all the casinos advantage.
They need to score 17 or more, let’s put the pressure on them.

Now that you’ve put a stop to the single biggest money losing mistake. What can we do to increase our chances of making money?

Make the most of opportunities to make money with Blackjack

As well as your 2 main options, Hit or Stand, you may have the opportunity to place extra bets in the middle of the hand.

Doing this correctly separates the winners from losers. The only thing worse than not taking these opportunities, is taking them at the wrong time.

“Splitting” and “Doubling down” are examples of opportunities where you can get more chips on the table when your hand looks strong, or more importantly the dealers hand looks weak.

Splitting your hand is only available to you if you have cards of the same value.
You essentially make the decision to split your hand in two. To do this you must place the same amount of chips as your original bet and the dealer will split your cards.

Here’s an example:
You have a £10 bet and dealt a pair of 8’s.
This of course gives you a hand total of 16, not a good score.
However, if you place another £10 you are able to create 2 new hands (The starting card for both hands will be an 8)
Rather than trying to turn a bad hand like 16 into a good one. We now have two brand new hands. If we’re lucky we might get a 10 or an A, or even better a 2 or 3 to add to our 8.

Read our Blackjack Strategy guide for details on when to split and double. One of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever heard when it comes to splitting is this:

Never split hands beginning with “F”. That’s Four’s, Five’s and Face cards.
By splitting these hands you’re just turning good hands into potential bad ones.
Fortune favours the brave, but not the stupid. Do not do it!

Doubling down, when done correctly is a beautiful thing to watch and it will see your profits skyrocket.
To make money with blackjack you need to make the most of double downs.

As a Casino Manager it was comforting to see so many players completely ignore the opportunity to take more money from my casino.
Now that I have no allegiance to any casino, seeing people miss the chance to double down can be frustrating.

When a player decides to double down, the casino allows them to double their bet. As a compromise they receive just one more card.
It is important to know, the option to double is only available on your first 2 cards. If you have 3 or more cards the option to double is removed.

You have a £10 bet and dealt a score of 11.
The dealer is showing a 4.
This is a prime example of when a double down bet would be a fantastic decision.
All the stars have aligned and the probability of  finishing on a good score with just one more card is high.
Any 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen or King (8 out of the 13 cards) brings your total to 17 or higher. In addition to these odds being in your favour, the dealer will have to take at least one more card, increasing the chances of the dealer going bust.

As with all hands that you play, you must consider the dealers face card before doubling down. Read more about Blackjack strategy.
Fortune favours the brave, but not the stupid. Take time to understand when you should double down and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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